Import Target Name from Planner in Web Dashboard

Lately I’ve been adding a lot of targets to Roboclip using the Web Dashboard which is truly a fantastic tool.

It would save a bit of typing if the “Get Data from Virtual FOV” button would also pull in the target name.

That’s all!



Hi Rowland,
thanks for you kind word!
What you ask it’s an easy thing to implment, but If I use the search in Virtual F.o.V. and after it I drag manually the canvas, also on other objects without searching, it remain with obj name you have previously searched, and this could be wrong.
So we need to find some way out to solve this case before (I’m thinking about a timer, but it could not fit in all the circumstances).


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Ah, interesting use case Francesco. I of course do small drag to frame the target the way I want, but still will use the name of the target I searched.

If you can solve the more general case that would be great. But even the simple case of using the target name entered in search would be acceptable as I think that is the most common case, and the user can have responsibility to change if necessary.

Maybe if the drag action is large enough to move the target completely out of the FoV, the target name is not imported? So a drag that is more than half the largest FoV dimension? Just ideas!


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I think the best is to leave as is … thank you Francesco.
Control the FOV is a complex action.

All the best

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