Indi support possible?

wonder if there is any possibility that Voyager could have Indi support in addition to Ascom?

This would allow inexpensive remote control via a Raspberry Pi.

cheers Gary

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Hello Gary,

remote driver and reliable is at opposite … so we think about but not having total control on external OS system this scare me.

All the best

With the web server and local installation of Voyager you effective get the client server architecture that makes Indi appealing.

In terms of low cost control devices, Voyager has a very small system footprint, so it should run quite well on a mini PC or stick PC.

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I have no experience with stick PC’s, do they have enough power to run all the control software as well as Voyager? ie do local platesolving, run PHD2 etc? If so is there any recommendable one? I have been playing with Indi on a Pi 4, hence my original query. The only thing that stops me using the Pi is that I can’t use Voyager, and since Voyager is the only Astro program that is non negotiable for use, I can’t go that way.

They can do those fine. I dont use stick PC’s, I use this:

I got the version with the 128GB SSD, and bought a cheap 8GB RAM stick to add on to it.

I run the following concurrently with absolutely no problems on this MiniPC:

  • Voyager w/ Web Server Active & FITS Viewer
  • SkyX Pro
  • APCC Pro/APPM + AP V2 ASCOM Interface
  • PHD2
  • Pegasus Astro Powerbox V2
  • RCOS Command Center
  • PEMPro v3

I could run more, as I have plenty of headroom. The device is really small. Probably about the size of 4 RPi’s in a square grid. Comes with a legit Windows 10 Pro license as well, so you can use RDP as needed along with the Voyager Web Dashboard.

Thanks Bill, I’ll look in to it…

How is relying on a remote Indi server with device drivers less reliable than those drivers on the local computer? Network is about it. Networking in general is very reliable.

Yes it does add a layer, but i think that extra layer is worth it to not use ASCOM.

I find ASCOM much more fragile then Indi.


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Hi Chad,

INDI is not the most perfomance and reliable system for accesing to the external device especially the ones need really fast download like camera.

About ASCOM problem I not agree with you, how all the things depends on who writing firmware and driver software.

Anyway is not supported at now in Voyager.

All the best