Is it possible to automatically decide the exposure time?

Hello everyone and hello Leonardo. I have a question to ask. The problem is the choice of exposure time to avoid saturation by photometry or astrometry. I’ll give you an example: I have a target to photometry and I have to make exposures when the star is not saturated and for example I get to a maximum of 30000 ADU. Now I have to do tests with various exhibitions and then maybe once I have found the exp time, insert it in the sequence. I was wondering: is it possible to make Voyager do this function that I now do manually? Thank you.
Nello Ruocco
Osservatorio Astronomico Nastro Verde di Sorrento MPC code C82

Hi Nello,

yes for sure … you can ask for a custom development at support email reporting the specific of request.
I will send to you a quote about.

All the best