Is there a way to save input and output names when switching between I/O cards for my profile?

Silly question I think. I have two I/O cards that I am using for different setups. I setup and name my I/O channels which I saved.

When I switch from one to the other, I can’t find a way to reload the previously saved setting, I can only see a way to reset back to default.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Paul, nothing wrong. Just uncommon request.

Viking is mono profile. Usually the board to manage is only one.
If you have more than one board you can use the multi istance if you have in your license to manage a maximum of 2 board on the same PC.

You can also have more profile manually changing the file “Observatory.dat” , you will found it on the Viking installation folder. Otherwise you can copy and paste in another folder the Viking installation and start with a 2 different shortcut the Viking with profile you want.

All the best

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Thanks Leo - I will save a copy of both - one for at home (Denkovi) and one for portable (UPB) - I suppose it’s similar to a Imaging Profile, but for Domotics :slight_smile:
Oh and thanks, I like being “not common”, I am learning from you!

Thanks Paul, changed. Not interested on create profile for Viking.

Thanks Leo - but to make sure I understand, if I change between different types of I/O boards, I lose all of my customisations of things like naming the channels when I “Save” - ie: there is no way to “Load” or restore from an older setup without going into the filesystem and saving an extra copy.
Did I understand correct?

You don’t lost anything if switch card. If you have this problem is related to access in write to viking profile file. The naming of the I/O objects remain in configuration if you change the I/O card. If the name logically not match with scope of the same I/O between the 2 cards you must use a different profile or change manually each time.