Is Voyager a 32 or 64 bit software?

Hi Leo,

I have been taking an interest in purchasing QHY600M camera which has a HUGE and full frame sensor. Each image download (unbinned 1x1) is a whopping 120MBytes. QHY recommends capture software to be compiled in 64 bits to take advantage to go beyond the 32 bit limit of 4GB to prevent possible out-of-memory issue. QHY has reported that 32 bit capture software still can work as long as there are as few other application software running.

So, is Voyager a 32 or 64 bit software?


Voyager is a 32 bit application.
There are some users that have QHY600 and ASI6200 and run in Voyager.
So many things aren’t avalaible under 64 bit … is not time to switch.

Hi, Peter,

I am using Voyager with my ASI 6200 on a Surface Go tablet running Windows 10 Pro. The only change I had to make is to change the plate solving settings to use 3x3 binning (at 1x1, PlateSolve2 was taking too long, and sometimes timing out). Other than that, everything works great, including LocalField autofocus.

Due to very rainy weather in Southern California, I haven’t had time to get much time under the stars, sohere’s the only image that I have to show so far:


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Hi Rajeev,

Thanks for your informative reply. I will look into binning during plate solving. Did 2x2 binning give you same issue as bin 1x1?

Very nice image of Rosette Nebula.


Also in normal CCD/CMOS i suggest to never use bin 1, using at least bin2 and ROI can get faster results and same precision, just if you have long focal lenght doesn’t use ROI. 60 MPX is a huge huge size for astrophotography.

Thank for report Rajeev.