Issue with fits

Hi guys,
new licence holder. Im having trouble with the fit files when viewing them in the viewer. there are really strange artefacts on the fits files that look like massive pixel blocks. Everything is working fine re:autofocus etc & ive changed multiple leads & 2 different cameras (Altair 26C hypercam & Altair 294C) with both showing the same results.
Any ideas?

Maybe not your issue but I have seen a very similar effect.

Try checking your gain and offset figures. When I saw something like this I had swapped the gain and offset values so instead of gain 0 and offset 50 which I usually use with my ASI2600, I had entered gain 50, offset 0.

You are using wrong setting camera side, do not depends on Viewer

All the best

Thank you guys , I will test that , is there a gain setting in the camera set up pannel ?

Yes in configuration of your camera drive and if you use CMOS Camera Driver in Voyager like camera control also in every plae where you can shot an image

All the best