Issues experienced with voyager

Hi guys,
I’m totally new to voyager, I’ve been suffering with reliability with a different software brand so wanted to try something new.
So far I’m struggling. My pc crashed repeatedly when connecting my gear to Voyager (it’s a 3rd gen i3 processor with 16Gb RAM & 1Tb storage running 64bit Windows)
Also they’re are no native drivers for Altair Astro hypercams which is a problem as the Altair cameras aren’t great on ASCOM drivers (I’m in direct comms with the Altair owners as I’m an Altair mod so can help with getting the SDK if needed).
I want to persevere with voyager so any help or advice please feel free to point me in the right direction

What mount are you using? The only persistent crashing I ever saw with Voyager was on a friends setup with a Takahashi NJP when I was helping him across to Voyager, and it turned out that the combination of the only available Temma ASCOM driver and a Keyspan USB to serial adapter was known for causing bluescreen errors. A replacement with a Prolific based USB-Serial adapter fixed that issue. If it is not something like that I would suggest perhaps replacing one bit of your setup at a time with with a simulator to see if you can find the culprit. If the Altair ASCOM drivers are problematic, could that be the source of the issue? The ASCOM camera selection does allow for a simulator which would help test if that is the crash causing item.

In my own case Voyager just works, and has been doing so for months.

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Andy, Voyager cannot crash for how is written. What can crash are the drivers used by the hardware controls hosted inside at OS level. All the crash of this drivers cause OS to evanish the host process (Voyager or other applications) in case of really bad violation. Blu screen is something reall bad in your drivers/hw chain.

My suggestion is to isolate the drivers using one at time and refer to who have provided you the drivers you are using and continue with Voyager evaluation when you have fixed your HW problems.

For Altair Camera you can use the CMOS ASCOM driver control in Voyager, this driver is developed to use this kind of Camera that not have direct driver. I have an Altair Astro camera send to me for this porpouse that work really fine.

All the best

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Thanks for the responses guys
I’m using an iOptron CEM60 mount.
Using the simulators will help localise exactly what the problem is - a great shout & thank you.
Am determined to make this work - have just taken delivery of a newer more powerful pc to so that should help stabilise things.
As for the Altair drivers, the native Altair sdk is really stabilising & is much better than the ascom drivers.
Out of curiosity - which ascom driver did you use for the Altair camera? Im using both the 26C &26M

Hi Andy

There was an iOptron ASCOM version that was a bit flakey but later versions have been rock solid with my CEM70 in Voyager.