Issues with advanced

Hi i was trying to set a sequence for the first time last night and as soon as i ran robo target all of my items went to suspended until 10:47 am tomorrow morning.

Any idea why that is ?

Also when i went to carry out a first light run with the autofocus it was saying failed due to plate solver not selected. Im running ASTAP for all plate solving but cannot see anything for the autofocus.

Any ideas what im doing wrong?

The problem description probably needs some further details. It sounds like you have some wrong settings in the constraint (in your template sequence?) that causes RoboTarget to skip all of them. Can you post your template sequence, the constraint tab of it, and your RoboTarget setting? Is it run via Dragscript or via RT window directly?

Have you actually set up plate solving within Voyager? By that I mean selecting ASTAP in the plate solve tab for near and blind solves, and confirmed that it is functioning by a test to either near or blind solve under actual sky in the “On the fly” tab?

Have you run the focus first light wizard? I know it points without solving when you select “Point closest focus star” to run the wizard (So the mount needs to be well synced to start with) but it might be coded in the background to require a solver be configured and connected (I don’t know about that and with my local weather can not test for some time unless I can do it with a simulator) If you are actually trying to do a real focus run with Robostar via the “on the fly” tab that does need a plate solver configured and working as it will select and slew to an appropriate star and plate solve to point precisely enough, and again back to your original coordinates.

Regards the RoboTarget targets all suspending, the most likely cause is a constraint set incorrectly making all of them fail to qualify. I can’t recall which constraint I forgot about but I did that on my very first run with Advanced as well.

Hi Stuart,

all your targets doesn’t have any configured slot for shot.
Please add shot slots to Target

You have received this communication in answering to your support request.

All the best

thanks Leo. Appreciate it was my setup issues. thanks for the help.