Jones-Emberson 1 (PK 164+31.1)

After a long time I finally completed a new image from my private observatory.
This is a Narrowband bicolor image (Ha OIII OIII) with RGB data only for the star color.
A lot of exposure, about 37h (53x1800" Ha, 20x1800" OIII, 6x120" RGB stars), managed by Voyager Astrophotography Automation Software and Viking.
RC12 GSO f/8 + AO Sx + Moravian G2-4000
10Micron GM 2000 HPS2
Roof/Home personal observatory - Trinitapoli, Puglia (Italy)


Superb image Francesco. I’ve not see this object before.
I also never seen a 37 hour integration, nor have I seen 1800" subs before. You must have some nice equipment
Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Peter, very kind from you.
I’m lucky to have good equipments, but I have also the best automation software that controls everithing!

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Fantastic Francesco! Superb resolution and spot on colours.


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Fantastic image Francesco. Congratulations.

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Thank you Roberto! very kind :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Jonathan!

Great image Francesco!!!

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Thank you Joseph! I really appreciate your comment.