Jones Emberson 1

Jones-Emberson 1, also known as the Headphone Nebula, is a 14th magnitude planetary Nebula in the constellation Lynx at a distance of 1600 light years. The 16.8-magnitude central star is a blue white dwarf.

Captured over the 4th & 5th March from my fully automated Pulsar Observatory with Voyager.

Telescope - Skywatcher Quattro 300 f4 Newtonian
Camera - Moravian G2-8300 Mono CCD
Mount - Skywatcher EQ8 Pro
Filters - Astronomik 6nm Ha/OIII
Acquisition - Voyager
Capture Details - 24x 360 sec Ha + 24x 360s OIII
Location - Glasgow, Scotland (Bortle 5)
Processing - Pixinsight, HOO Palette


Lovely image. Thanks for sharing :+1:


Thank you Roberto for the positive feedback :+1:.