Keep monitor logs on the filesystem

Hello there,

I found the different voyager logs which are really usefull for debugging purpose

  • Voyager.log
  • VoyagerServer.log
  • VoyagerClient.log
  • VoyagerAdvanced.log

But i really like the human readability of monitor log in the voyager (or dashboard) interface.
Is there a way to persist this log on the voyager host filesystem ?

I known that i can program a jsonrpc client to get the job done, but it would be convenient to persist this on the server side.
Is there an activable option ?

Did someone has a simple solution to save the voyager monitor log on disk ?

Because nobody reply, and i want to persist the voyager monitor log,
i’ve push the voyager learning experience to “Voyager Application Server Protocol”.
Thank you so much Leo for the good documentation of Events, Methods and Workflow :+1:

And i code a golang binary that poll the voyager monitor logs and store it to the filesystem.
This code work locally or remotely and rotate logs at noon.

For those who need it, here’s Clandestine:



Here is the binary release