Lacerta Flat Box Controller FBC

Hello all.
I acquired a FBC from Lacerta recently.
This device turns your flat panel into a kind of flash device, enabling very short exposures when taking flats.
My Atik16200 (mechanical shutter) has a min exp time of 0.2 sec.
This usually is far to long on my 10"-f4 newton for Lum and RGB.
Unless I change the amount of layers of T-shirts and table cloth for every different filter set, this device can make the FP flash for a fraction of a second after a set delay to allow te shutter to open (and close). It does a training exercise to establish the optimum exposure time and then generates a flats-sequence.
Lacerta does not provide the software (only for stand alone Dslr) for CCD camera’s.
APT has a module build in their program to control this device.
Of course it would be very useful (for me !!) to be able to control this device from within Voyager.
Are there any more users out there who would support my feature request?
Or am I a lone wanderer . . . . . .
See this link for a description:


Not go under 5 seconds for flat with your camera.
Not support for this kind of flat, sorry.

All the best

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Thank you Leo. I understand your view and agree if there were flat panels that are dark enough to do that.
To achieve 5 sec exposures I have to change the dampening sheets for every filter.
Lum needs a lot of dampening, R and G a bit less, B again less and NB filters need much less. To get this well sorted every time, is very time consuming.
The combination of 6 micron pixels and a big fast telescope, make every light-source much to bright.
Even the ones with a dimmer are to bright.
That’s why this device is so smart.

Arie, i have fast scope (F2.8) and 16200 and i take flat without problem with voyager and a flat box, i use the artesky flatbox. Have an incredible range of light. usually this take to me few minutes. Voyager are able to find the time but also the light level automatically. So its push and forget.

Lacerta send to me a flat box (i dont know if is like the one you linked) but i cannot import at now. Too much priority before. Voyager is a little application with few users difficult to compete with APT that is one of the best on the market. But i try to do my best.

All the best

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This is the link to the product i use:

All the best

That is what I prefer about Voyager.
Voyager does the whole package for remote observatories.
The occasional idiot with a niche device can sometimes be accomodated, sometimes not…
Also the Voyager interface is a lot nicer and with dragscript the possibillities are endless.

I have a 10" flatpanel from Lacerta. The early (red) version. Could be used as a ground to air airplane search light, so bright. Their current (black) version has only 10% light output.
This is simply achieved by mounting a less transparent screen in front of it. (Tommy told me)
But if I dim my panel with plastic sheeting, to suit a Lum filter at 5 sec, a Ha or S2 filters needs 2 min.

When I try to dim the light with dimmers and resistors, eventually the LED’s illuminate very irregular.
So you really need something smart to get the correct light output.
The Artesky panel looks smart but comes at a price.

No problem Leo. I don’t create flats very often. Maybe 2 or 3 times in a year.
Only for that purpose I shall use APT then with the FBC.

This topic can be closed, unless somebody chimes in with the ultimate soution :grinning:

So sorry Arie … I know Voyager is different. I dont think you are an idiot :blush: … just i have my idea and go straight

All the best

Ps i win … usually my flat running for more than 1 year :see_no_evil:


I switch telescopes.
Sometimes I put my Esprit100 up when I want to do wide field.