LDN 235 and some friends

Lynds’ Dark Nebula 235 aka Barnard 84 (I also call it T-Rex nebula or Preying Mantis nebula)
NGC6440 - Globular Cluster
NGC6445 - Planetary Nebula aka Little Gem Nebula or Box Nebula

It’s about 7 hrs of data over 2 nights earlier this month (July 2020).

Astrobin with larger version, details, etc: https://astrob.in/zt1z9s/0/


Great result lazjen, thanks for sharing.
Like astrophotographer I think you have a green cast to fix in my opinion.
I clear see the Preying Mantis !

All the best

Thanks for posting - I love those fields with dark nebula, to me they are among the most beautiful targets.

I agree with Leo, if you have PixInsight just run SCNR with default settings. I downloaded your full res image from Astrobin and tried it - I think you’ll like the result :slight_smile:


:man_facepalming: Yeah, much better. Thanks for pointing that out guys. I can’t believe I missed that.

New revision posted on Astrobin.

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I went back and did a ColorCalibration after some more feedback to get this result: