Learning curve for Robofocus

perhaps the question has already been dealt with in the forum, but I have not found anything and I try to propose it.

The title indicates a sort of intelligence of the Robofocuser which, by action, starts a monitoring of the various times that we focus our optical train, voluntarily or for a temperature variation, at the end of the monitoring it will have collected various focal points which, for a given temperature will have its associated position, determines, by activating these automation, an assistance which, if we do not change anything on the optical train, we will always remain in focus.

If I change something in the optical train a reset will restart from beginning of the learning process.

what do you think ?

Dear Geremia, Voyager does not trust the temperature compensation so you will not find like features.

All the best

So you mean, “just for my learning” if today the temp of 35C corresponds to a step position of 32345 and a HFD of 1.9, tomorrow the same temp does not corresponds to that position and even that HFD ?

Thanks for you patience Leonardo

Position of focuser do not depend from temperature, steps is always the same. What can change is the focus steps position based on temperature and depends on which material are used for what concern you telescope/focuser etc … but calculate the position starting from the temperature is something that Voyager doesn’t trust. This what I mean !

HFD is something that not depends on temperature … depends on focus and in sky conditions and in what you are pointing

Better to redo focus.

thinking about, seeing could also make the point recorded the previous day different.

very clear, thanks Leonardo

Add in a little focuser slippage and backlash …