Load a DragScript that's NOT in the default folder from Web Dashboard?

Small request, and let me know if I am the only one need such thing…

We have a team with multiple imagers on the system, and to avoid confusion we create the DS in our own subfolder from the default script folder (ThisPC\Documents\Voyager\Script\UserXX). I realized Web Dashboard only points to “Script” folder therefore we cannot directly call the script in the subfolders. Is that something easy to achieve to let us choose the directory where DS is stored?


I think about, there are some implications for the renting but I think is possible.
I will let you know, probably you will need the advanced where multi user will be possible and data will be stored on each user home directory … but its a little on the way to arrive !

All the best

Ok thanks for considering that!

By the way, what is this “renting” thing? Is it explained somewhere?

No, its a service for company now, will be for all private who wants in the next months.
We will introduce it when will be ready.

All the best