Local night reminder

Hi Leo

Would it be possible to implement a Windows indicating a calculated Astronomical night (Sunset to sunrise)
it should be available somewhere and always visible.
In the Header, or on the Status Panel?

This data should be calculated for the local geographic position (available in ASCOM) or possibly populated in the SETUP Windows

Useful when setting up a sequence with a given start time (For ex: Start at 20:00 local time). This would allow the user to see in real time at what time twilight has finished and Astronomical night has began.

and keep going :slight_smile:

From the beginning of Voyager development, click on with mouse and you see also the timing

Thanks a lot Leo !!! Didn’t see it before, sorry for that! It’s exactly what I was looking for 😄

The more I use it, the more I love it 😎😎😎

Leo, I hope you’re in good shape. I know you are in deep trouble in North Italy. I live in East side of France, and we all share your trouble with a bit of delay…

All the best and take care of your family.



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Hello Eric,

its a nightmare … but we are working ! So this help so much …
I’m adding more weapons to Voyager for the future.

All the best