Local Web Server for Web Dashboard not working

I have been trying to get Web Dashboard via local web server working but I have not been successful.

My Voyager PC runs Windows 7 and is in headless mode. I dial in to the Voyager PC usually using Microsoft Remote Desktop, usually from my Mac Desktop or Mac Laptop which is on the same subset on the same LAN, under the same Wifi network. My Voyager PC has an IP of and my Mac Desktop has an IP of

I have enabled all the required settings and I have also enabled port 80 in Windows Firewall on the Voyager PC. However when I try to connect from my Mac Desktop by typing the LAN address of the Voyager PC ( in Chrome, nothing would happen and worse still Microsoft Remote Desktop would lose connection with the Voyager PC too, and I would not be able to reconnect remotely. The only way my Mac can talk to the Voyager PC again is by turning the Voyager PC off at the power button and restart.

What am I doing wrong? Is it a conflict with Remote Desktop, as it seems to be affected?

By the way, I can connect to the Voyager PC if I do not try to use the local server. I have some log files from today’s attempt but I am not sure which one would be useful for debugging

Hello Henry,

port is different no conflict with Remote Desktop, you must understand if you have another web server running. This is not a debugging question but a config in your PC lan and wifi.

You cannot talk between PC if they have different IP class …8x and …6x depends un subnet but usally are in 2 different LAN.

Please open a support request using mail dedicated and we can arrange a remote session to help you in configuration.

Remember anyway to check in the application server monitor which is your IP , probably you have more than one and you must use the same class IP.

All the best

Thanks Leo, except that I am not sure how you can possibly connect directly to my Voyager PC. It is in headless mode which means I can only access it via Remote Desktop.

By the way I mistyped the IP addresses. Both the Voyager PC and the Mac Desktop are on the same subnet. The Voyager PC is and the Mac Desktop is

So ok … this is on the same subnet.

If you open teamviewer in the PC where you use remote desktop we can control your pc and open a remote desktop to the Voyager PC.

All the best

Send whatsapp message to phone number reported in your license mail.
I’m free now and I can check.

Thanks Leo. I do not have WhatsApp or Teamviewer. I suspect it is a Windows 7 problem. Microsoft is quitting Windows 7 tomorrow so I am upgrading my Voyager PC to Windows 10 to see if the problem will go away. If it is still a problem I will lodge a support ticket then.

You can use also Skype for talk and Anydesk for remote access.
Just let me know

from command line you can use this command to check:

to understand if you can reach the Voyager PC

install telnet program like an addition of operative system and check connection
telnet 80

or you can change your Voyager webserver port to 8080 instead 80 and restart voyager
after call

From here I cannot help more.

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