Localization: Decimal point


when I try and use the FITS files produced by voyager, PixInsight cannot read the object DEC/RA coordinates. This is due to voyager using „,“ as a decimal separator instead of „.“. The use of the comma is correct for my locale (German), but the FITS standard specifies to use a period. For now, I have switched locale to US, which is not a problem for me.

I realize this is only a very minor problem, just wanted to report.

Hi tvh,

we do not offer support over the forum, if your is a support request … please use the right channels:

Please send to us using support FIT file and evidence of your problem and explanation of what mean for you PI dont read the DEC/RA, which is the procedure you start and the generated error ?

All the best

OK, I understood what you want to say, affected in some cases only the sequence action.
Fixed, you will find in the next daily build of Voyager.

Thank you so much

Wow, that was quick, Leonardo. I did not even have time to gather the file package.

Thanks a lot,