Logs to review?

Hello - woke up this morning to discover that Voyager had quit and looks like stopped taking shots around midnight. The sequence/dragscript was supposed to continue to 3:00 a.m. with dawn flats afterwards. Is there anywhere to look at logs to see what may have caused Voyager to shut itself off?

It’s usually at Documents/Voyager location.


Thanks - is there some guide (no pun) to how to digest the logs to determine what stopped Voyager from working?

Upload your logs and let others review. Or send them to Voyager team.


Has to be coincidence, but same thing happened to me! I haven’t had a session stop in some time.

I haven’t looked at my logs yet since I’m at work, but noticed my time-lapse shows the mount parking at 12am. It was a clear night too.

Weird, I have this line in my log. Everything looks fine before that. I’m running a dragscript:

2021/10/28 00:00:00 066 - EVENTO - [Sequence ] - [HALT_SEQUENCE ] - Halt Sequence for Abort Started

I think I figured out my issue. Because houses and trees, I had design my sequence to start after 19:45 and finish at 03:45. During the execution of the sequence and around midnight, I noticed that the autofocus was not working and that I needed to re-run the VCurve First Light wizard. Looks like after that, the original sequence start of 19:45 (Oct 27) was now 19:45 (Oct 28) - which, of course, was not going to be for another several hours. It still doesn’t explain why Voyager shut down itself, but does explain that there were no images past midnight…

ha haa, I accidently selected in the sequence (within Dragscript) to “immediately start and end at absolute time” The default end time is 0:00. -so it stopped at midnight.

I did want it to start immediately but continue until astro night end. That would have been the button I was to select.

Funny that would have been the first time I saw something weird, but Voyager is damn solid! Just gotta watch out for user error.

Maybe check your sequence (or script) on error conditions?

I remind you that if you need support, for example the evaluation of the logs, there is a service dedicated to those who own the Voyager license. The service is dedicated with the possibility of remote connections.

In particular, no public documentation is released for the logs (apart from the location and how they are recorded) also due to the nature of the information:



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