Long Term Planning App

Voyager Advance really rewards long-term planning - that is, selecting targets by season, I normally just am familiar with objects to shoot in summer/winter etc but I’d like something more analytical and data driven. Like nebula targets that cross the meridian at 40 or more degrees from my sight and are available for at least 2 hours above 30 degrees during nautical night hours?

Thanks Wayne

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Telescopius is a good planning tool, has object ephemeris, daily and yearly so you can judge what month it is best from your location at what time of night.

My current approach is, I don’t really care about the seasons for the target; if I see an interesting target, I just add it to RoboTarget and let it sit there. At some time Voyager will come to it with suitable imaging condition.

With that I really want Leo to implement the sorting based on RA or Hour Angle; at a certain time, for targets with same priority level, the one with highest HA (set the earliest) should go first.

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Thanks! I have a question about HA. I can use my horizon map to determine the altitude/azimuth when a target will rise above the trees. With Voyager it would be convenient to translate that to an HA to tell Voyager when to start. Is there a way to calculate HA given an azimuth say?

I don’t think so, as you need DEC+HA to translate to Azimuth. I would also love to have a horizon map in Voyager; it’s widely used in other programs and a good feature to determine imaging start/stop occurance.

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will be horizon and RA/HA …just question of time.
Please when you all have feeedback on neew moon additions let me know.

All the best

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Love the new moon constraints. The only refinement could be to vary the permissible separation with the moon phase. That is, the moon can be closer if it’s 10% illuminated vs 80%.