Losmandy Goto Limits and Meridian Flips

I’m struggling to find where meridian flips work with Gemini 1 G11.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
Could anyone that has this working successfully with Losmandy mount, contact me direct to assist in working out what settings I need to get a successful Meridian flip when nearing West limits.

Hi Dan,

I think a direct request to the producer/developer of Gemini will help you.
How work Voyager for meridian flip is really simple, just a goto.

All the best

Hi Leo,
I’ve contact them ini the Gemini.io forums as well.
For Losmandy users, I was curious what West/East Safety limits, and goto limit people are using with Voyager settings.

I believe I’ve worked out the issues. My polar alignment was out by 273 arcsecs, which has caused issues with an accurate hour angle to the meridian, and this caused issues with the mount goto limits and location reference. I think this has caused the issues I was encountering. I managed to get Meridian flip working, but adjusting some mount parameters during testing.
I will redo polar alignment when I can head back out to the remote site, and test again.

Do Flip After Mount Passing Meridian by

One of the reasons why this parameter exists is to avoid that mechanical errors, pointing, orthogonality, conical errors lead to problems like yours. By default it is 10 minutes and covers 2.5 degrees …

Hi Leo,
Indeed your advice was correct once again. I managed to get this working in the end. It was all down to finding the right mount goto limits and workings of the mount.
Thanks for your previous assitance.