M106 Widefield w/ Voyager

Hello Voyager Friends,

First time I’ve managed to finish a project since COVID hit. Got my e160ED out on the Mach 2 with the big QHY600M camera. I’ve been working on ironing out the final tweaks to sensor spacing and I’m just about there.

Here’s the data: M106 Widefield ( Bill Long ) - AstroBin

Not 100% perfect but pretty darn close. Voyager of course had no issues managing the imaging run and sky flats for me.

Clear skies to you all.



Very nice Bill, glad you are back in the game!

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Very very nice image, and almost perfect flat field with the e-160 and a full-frame CMOS with tiny pixels (“almost perfect” only if you are a pixel peeper). The Taka e-160 is in my wish-list, my best wishes…

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Ever so close to perfectly flat. Next run I will be changing the spacing 0.1mm to see if that helps get it where I want it. I am pleased with it as is, but we shall see if I can inch it even closer.

Is your backfocus shorter or longer than specifications and by how much?

Awesome image. Try not to go OCD about perfecting star shapes at the corners. :crazy_face:


The backfocus was set to the specifications by Takahashi. The QHY600 spec does say +/- 0.5mm which on the Epsilon at f3.3 is a lot of room for error. So far I have added 0.3mm and will be adding another 0.1-0.2mm based on what my testing shows after the first change.