M31 Andromeda Galaxy


I started this project a year ago these days collecting the signal in Halpha and finally last week I managed to collect the RGB.

14/10/2021 Poggio Rusco, 16 mt, sqm=18.90, Asi 2600mm pro, Ha: 47x600s
27/10/2022 Novezzina, 1250 mt, sqm=20.85, Asi 2600mc pro, RGB: 107x240s
Total Integration: 14h 58m

Takahashi FSQ106 EDX IV @ f/3.6, Avalon Linear, Voyager, Pixinsight

Hope you like it


Beautiful Marzio! :+1:



Just lovely, Marzio!

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Maybe a little too red and the color of the stars needs to be improved
Anyway I’m happy

Thanks !!!


That is really nice. I’ve collected the Ha images on my Tak106 but still need the RGB. If it turns out anything close to what you have produced I’ll be delighted!

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I’m sure it will be much better :blush:

CS Marzio