M42 and area test image

A quick test shot with Voyager as I get my system set up and running. This was 25 X 300 second subs shot with a ZWO ASI294MC Pro camera though a Stellavue SV70T which is borrowed from a friend. this as a master dark applied but no flats yet. The purpose of the evening was to set up focus automation on the SV70T and I had about two and a half hours before moonrise once that was completed. This is integrated in Astro Pixel Processor and then two versions layered with different stretch amounts to help bring out the core of M42, I will shoot short subs later to improve that.



Really nice congrats. Color and details are spot on.
Thanks for using Voyager.

All the best

I hope to shoot a lot more subs yet to be able to use a drizzle process without introducing excessive noise, as well as shooting a lot of shorter subs to layer in a less over exposed core.

It is all going very easily with Voyager so far although I am not doing much automation yet, my setup does not support it beyond meridian flips, pointing and focus runs at the moment, which were all easy to get working reliably as soon as I worked out the differences from my previous software.

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Congratulations, Blue, this is a very nice test image. Your focus is perfect. Welcome to the Voyager family.

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Thanks, I am quite happy with it for a 2 hour image. Automated focus is one of those things I would just never go without now that I have it. My other scope is an SCT and focus moves wildly on those with temperature changes so automated focus is essential. It can go from perfect to doughnut stars in 15 minutes if the day has a rapid temperature fall. Voyager seems to nail focus better than my previous software package too.

I have a bit of time off over Christmas, time to work on my dragscripts.

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