M45 ASI2400 first light with Voyager

After having used Voyager from home, I went now 2 times to a dark spot in the UAE desert.
I used APT previously, so there was no sleep all night.
Voyager has changed this. On both occasions it worked like a charm including frequent re-focusing (I need to refocus every 30 to 40 minutes as temperatures drops quite during the night).
It is very nice to wake up in the morning and to see the sub-frames on the laptop.

I had some smaller problems during set-up phase beginning of the year but the support from Lorenzo is awesome.

Here my first image with my new camera (ASI2400). 172 x 120 sec. 5.7 hours. Pixinisght. DBE and curves only.

On Astrobin M45


Excellent Christian :+1:
How dark are your desert skies? They look very dark from the quality of your data. Keep them coming.


Hello Roberto,
as it is only around 1 hour from Abu Dhabi, the sky is not so dark (around Bortle 4).
I can reach a Bortle 3 Zone within 2 hours.


The camera seems to be very efficient … and I like the pixel size a lot …
Great job :star_struck:


Wow Christian whar a result … i think your skill is not second to your camera and sky … in anycase I think this camera is the first CMOS i start to like …

Again congratulations and thank you so much for using Voyager and sharing your image.

All the best

Wonderful image Christian! Congrats!

Christian, that’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing.