M63 wide field from locked down London

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Attached in an image of M63 taken during London’s coronavirus lockdown.

M63 - LRGB - wide field

Weather has been really kind given what is going out in the “real world”. Seeing was not great but I managed to accumulate 18 hours of luminance over five nights on this project. I had never imaged M63 before, despite over 20yrs imaging! I was aiming to capture the tidal arms extending beyond the galaxy as shown here:


This was too difficult to do from London but by overstretching the L frame you can see a hint of them. Hopefully they did not become too washed out in the LRGB final version.
Check the annotated version again for the many small and medium galaxies in the background. Most interesting is what I thought was an extension of a spiral arm of M63 but which turns out to be a satellite galaxy of the main object; although may still be disputed (http://www.williamsseaandsky.com/?page_id=2025).



Congratulations Roberto … wonderful result and great presentation as always.
Difficult target … and deep treasures …

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