M81- First LRGB image whit voyager


Here is first test shots of ASI 183 and esprit 80 controlled by voyager. Total integration time 6.5 hours. L=3.5h RGB=1h each. Really happy for the result as for my first LRGB image.There were some upper clouds second night, so the accuracy was not perfect.

Click for larger image:


Thank you! I’am really pleased whit the outcome as first image. My system is running really good now thanks to voyager software.

Really nice Jukka … the details is awesome.

All the best

Thank you. And thank you for your support Leo. Just purchased voyager license, based on my last few imaging sessions that were successful =).

Many thanks Jukka and welcome.
LIcense with all info already sended to your mail.
If you have questions, needs help or ask for new features you are welcome.

All the best