M83 StarStreaming

Sometime i remember to be an AP … thanks to MIke and OSSO team from Chile i have data about M83 to process. I never ear about star streaming from M83 … when i see the image fist time i think skyflat doesn’t work but is real signal. I found an image from Robert Gendler with professional telescope … amazing universe !

I hope to finish image for this easter holiday.
All the data automated with Voyager …

All the best


We do live in an amazing universe. It’s very satisfying to pick up a faint feature you didn’t know was there. I feel the same sense of wonder when I find faint background galaxies in my images.

Looks very pretty already and I look forward to the final result.


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OS RiDK 400 - FLI PL16803 -10 Micron GM3000
L:R:G:B => 592:183:162:117
March/April 2019
Chile / Atacama
Credit : Team by John Kasianowicz, Scott Johnson, Rick Stevens, Josh Balsam, Mike Selby, Leonardo Orazi
Processing : Leonardo Orazi

Fully Automated with Voyager Astrophotography Automation


Wow, I love it. The tidal stream above the galaxy is an unusual feature. Very nice processing, too. Great job, Leo.

I’m glad you still get some time to do astrophotography. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fantastic …chapeau :grinning:

@Starship Thanks Gleen … no many thimes but when a night is clear i’m sure i’m under the sky … in this case i have to thanks @mikeselbyprivate for allow me joining the Chile Team

@marzio Thank you so much

Fantastic photo Leo! Great object, love the color and the processing. Congratulations!

Isn’t it amazing what we can do today compared to a few decades ago. We have come a long way in my lifetime. In college we used film and processed in a darkroom. Now you can collect amazing data with remote telescopes, ship it over the Internet, and process with powerful computers.


Thanks @Rowland_Archer … i dont want to forget my passion … today is more simple.


Well that’s just showing off :hugs: