Making the Switch Slowly but Surely

I just started using Voyager maybe a week ago. I’m liking the software quite a lot. I’m really liking the focus routines. I have a Moonlite Nightcrawler and I’m getting really good results.

The automation is great. I usually set up and then hit the bed at a semi-normal time most nights.

Still need to figure out a couple of things and will be downloading the latest release to get the rotator synch going. So far so good…


Just a note, I think your V-curve is somewhat impacted by the “problematic” data point 3rd from left, and slope isn’t as accurate. Perhaps you would want to add a few more V-curve or even remove this one.

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Hello and welcome, thank you so much for using Voyager.
If you using LocalField for focus Vcurve is ok, if you using RoboStar with a single star for focus better to add more vcurve like @yzhzhang wrote to you and remove this one.

Thank you so much

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Another new guy! Welcome to the club. If you have a chance to figure out rotation… I’m setting up on weekends so knowing how it works out for you would be super helpful.

Beautiful picture!

where would I go to remove it?


In SetupForm --> Autofocus --> Robofire Configuration Center --> one of the tabs that has the V-curve history

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