Manual device connection

Voyager’s one-click device connection is very convenient, but sometimes it is necessary to debug devices or connect devices at specified sequential intervals. Manual device connection options are more flexible, This is just a suggestion.



Create a profile for testing the device if you need to debug.

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That’s a lot of work just to test if one piece of gear connects properly, especially if it needs a fair amount of configuration like a camera or filter wheel. A simple “Connect” button on each line of the connection status page would be much simpler and more intuitive.

What you say Archer1960 is not true.

Copying and cloning profiles is a matter of seconds in Voyager. As well as removing from cloned / copied profiles the things you don’t need to run the tests.

I advise you to read in the wiki how to manage profiles in Voyager.

I know how to manage profiles, and I do it quite a bit to switch among different equipment configurations. But being able to test the connection to a single piece of equipment without needing to create a new configuration or copy and edit an existing one would still be a nice enhancement.

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I think it’s more flexible to be able to start the device in my own defined order and time interval, which doesn’t conflict with the current functionality.

Only some of the HW controls work in Voyager as indicated, they have the ON / OFF icons enabled. For others, this is not structurally possible in Voyager to maintain the reliability of the system and its integrity. You must necessarily connect / disconnect everything which by the way is a very fast logical operation.

If you need to debug this is sufficient together with the use of profiles with which you can easily and in a few seconds clone or copy with the save as the profile concerned and modify it just as quickly. Creating an empty one and adding the controls you need is also very fast.

It is not our intention to change things further.

I see, thank you.