Manual focusing in voyager

Hello im looking to bring a camera into rough focus prior to letting the automation taking over. I cant seem to see a setting in voyager to run the camera on a continuous loop. im probably looking in the wrong place but would appreciate if you can point me in the wrong direction.


If you leave the telescope focused (or use a caliper to have focused if the telescope allow this) just start the autofocus on a single star, Voyager work with defocused star up to 20 HFD. Or you can start the localfield and look at graph to understand how to move manual the focuser.

Otherwise if you need to do manually you can use the Exposure Loop DragScript, that can be customized.
Open the FIT Viewer, start the dragscript, use the command widget to move the focuser, look in FIT viewer image and hfd.

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Hi Stuart,
You might already be aware of this as your question was strictly for doing a rough focus in Voyager. If I have a new set up and want to get a good initial focus for Voyager I find it is easiest for me to use Sharpcap live view. I used the Sharpcap software prior to moving to Voyager but I still use it for solar capture and also for watching in real time to change the focus using the live view feature. If you go that route you need to make sure that you disconnect the camera from the Sharpcap program prior to going into the Voyager program. And as Leonardo mentioned once you have that then take a measurement for future reference, or as I did actually put an arrow using a LabelMaker on the focuser.
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