Manual Rotator capability

With the great new framing and Roboclip feature in Dashboard, it would be useful to have a “manual rotator” feature that does a plate solve and not only centers the target but pauses and tells you how much and which direction to turn your camera. I suspect this goes against the all automated capabilities, and I suspect I can figure it out with a little practice, just throwing it out for consideration.


Dear Wayne, a manual rotator in a automation is not necessary. If you want to rotate the camera assisted use the plate solving actual position in onthefly , read the PA and rotate camera until you reach your desiderata.

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I once asked for the same thing but Leo’s suggestion works extremely well. I use it routinely to frame my targets.

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Yeah I started using the dashboard view solving and visualization gives me all I need if I remember which way to rotate the camera!

Wayne, you can get your PA by plate solving and set it in Voyager > Settings > Camera P.A. to get it automatically on Virtual FoV every time you connect, or use the dedicated button “Solve Telescope position and PA” to execute and get in one click telescope position and camera P.A. in Virtual FoV at the moment.
You can also change manually the VirtualFoV P.A. with slider, it will be stored in RoboClip with other target data and showed in visualization when load it again.

actually having a manual rotator is a HUGE benefit - when running a sequence during the plate solve if manual rotation is set in rotators it should tell you how far off the rotation is - its a simple task to then go to my manual set up and rotate it - get it to plate solve again until rotation is less than the max error selected in the settings - not every one has an automated rotator and many who do not still use automated sequences - it plate solves already so just show the difference in angle and direction to rotate - this would be a huge help

Hi Simon,

I will add a little DragScript to do this with a user prompt in the next coming Daily Build.

Thank for remind me.

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that would be very handy Leonardo - will be happy to try it - it keeps me fit - see what angle to change - go outside - change it come back in - test again go outside - move it - come back in and test again - normally with my williams optics rotator I can get it within 0.5 deg in 2 go’s hahah :slight_smile:

my fitbit approves LOL

My experience with the rotator and rotating the camera, and that of many others, is very bad. Collimation and orthogonality is usually lost. I am glad instead that you have no problems rotating everything. I’ll write to you here when it’s all there.


I’m looking forward to it also. Thanks very much


I appreciate any developmemt on this. I have been reading the PA in the console window. Just I find it so hard to read. Especially running back and forth. Remembering which way to turn has become a game.

I would be happy with a window that showed me last PA in a large font but thats just a quick solution. I will wait for whatever you decide.

Thanks for your consideration Leo.

I’m working on … just one thing … I’m in lockdown so I cannot test it. I will need help about.
Thank you


Finished, I will pubblish the daily build with the new Tools in few hours:


That looks awesome! Thanks for implementing this :slight_smile:


Wow!!! Thanks!! Cannot wait to test this.

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