MaxDome II with TheSkyX 64bit?

Trying to setup Voyager. Everything seems ok except that my MaxDomeII control seems to behave badly. I am thinking that I could get it to work with a 64bit ASCOM MaxdomeII driver but I can not find one. What are others using for MaxDome II and TheSkyX64bit?

Have you tried to ask directly to the producer of this system ?

I have posted on the Software Bisque forum but just recently. I am hoping someone has a similar working setup like mine.

MaxDome system not coming from SB but from Diffraction limited, the best solution is you ask directly to the producer.

Hi G Dunham,

I am running TheSkyX Pro 64 bit and MaxDome 2. There is little doubt that 64 bits will be the way of the future for TheSkyX Pro, so it is a good idea to get past this problem. I ran into the same problem and solved it this way: Instead of connecting to MaxDome 2 directly, connect through either the ASCOM Device Hub, available from the ASCOM platform; or use the Optec ASCOM server. The Optec ASCOM server is available from Optecinc for free, BUT if you want support for it you will find it rather expensive. (That’s fair enough, since you are getting it for free and probably won’t need support anyway.)

Let me anticipate another problem. I inserted my dome geometry into the Dome Add On of TheSkyX Pro 64 bit and found that I did not get alignment of the OTA with the Dome all around 360 degrees of azimuth. This may have arisen because I live in the southern hemisphere and a problem has been generated which does not affect most users. The simplest solution was to use Voyager’s own dome control, RoboSync, and insert dome geometry into Voyager’s setup of that function. I have found that to work faultlessly.

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Thanks Greg.
I abandoned TSX64 with Voyager and setup last night with TSXPro32 with everything ASCOM. Seems to work but I won’t be able to test for a while due to weather.
Funny thing. I have an ASI2600MMpro camera that has just stopped working in TSXPro32 (works fine in TSX640).