"Maximum Error" in Guiding and Dither Settings

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Another night with V and next questions comes. Does anyone can tell me what the “Maxium Error” exactly means in the Guiding and Dither settings?

From Guiding setting:

" * Maximum Error: The maximum allowable guiding error, in pixels. If the guiding error exceeds this number, a guiding error is assumed"

Does it relate to the total RMS error from PHD2? Or rather the error value to check after starting/resuming guiding at all?

And the one from Dither setting:
" * Maximum Error: The maximum amount, in pixels, to obtain after issuing a dither command before checking if guiding has settled. A value greater than this restart the Settle Time."

I don’t get the part of “obtaining”.

Voyager do internally error calculation and not use PHD2 RMS, also because you can use other guiding system.

More info about here your request here:



All are during settle of guiding (normal and after dithering) so are current value and not RMS

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