Merdian Flip with TSX and Paramount MyT

I am having a tough time getting my merdian flip to work correctly. I am using Voyager with TSX and a MyT mount.

Leo has been a great help making sure I have all the correct settings in Voyager, and I’m hoping a TSX user might be able to chime in here on what settings TSX needs.

  1. I have been testing it during the day, therefore turned off plate solving and guiding.
  2. I picked a star that would cross the merdian in 40 minutes after starting my sequence.
  3. Voyager displayed the correct count down to the merdian flip.
  4. Voyager knew when to do the Merdian flip, but the mount never flipped. In the status window, the Merdian Flip Operation Status was TODO. The log showed MERDIAN FLIP DONE, however it never did it.
  5. TSX - I have reduced the time to go past Merdian flip from the default of 2.5 hours to just 0.5 hours.
  6. My Lat,Long, UTC , Date and time zone are correct.

What am I missing?
Thank you in advance !!!
Matt Shetzer

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Hi Matt

I run Voyager/SkyX/MX but always unguided and Voyager flips have been a non-issue. I too have the MX to allow 0.5 hours tracking past the meridian but there is not much else to configure in SkyX and I’m sure Leo has all the right settings in Voyager

Do you have a TPoint model running? If so try turning all the tick boxes off. When Voyager thinks the target is on the Meridian, where are the Telescope cross hairs pointing in SkyX? How long after the Meridian are you waiting to see if a flip is successful? I must admit to never having watched a flip happen, I just know that it does.


Hi Matt,
Make sure the flip hour angle is set to 0.

In the mount tab have you selected a time in the section “Do flip after passing meridian by” and in the sequence, have you selected “Manage” in the meridian flip settings tab?

There are a few other settings to fettle to take advantage of imaging through the meridian if your setup can safely track through and past it, but if you do not select “Manage” in the meridian flip tab of the sequence then Voyager will not do the flip.

Thank you everyone. I think it was the Hour Angle not being set to zero.

I completed a merdian flip while testing today. Yeah !!!

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