Meridian Flip Woes

A successful meridian flip is currently my last challenge to conquer with Voyager’s help, but things are not going well. This issue concerns the rotator doing a 180 degrees flip.

I have upgraded to an iOptron CEM120EC2 mount which can automatically do a meridian flip. Voyager allows for this in the Sequence /Configuration settings for meridian flip. The requirements are 1) an ASCOM driver controlling the mount (check), 2) ASCOM pier mode is either ASCOM normal or inverted (check), 3) Meridian Flip mode is Managed. Provided I don’t want a rotator flip, this works fine.

BUT, I want a rotator flip so I get the same guide star and the same P.A. for my target images in order to process them easily through my photometric software. For this I go to the Rotator tab in Sequence Configuration and check “Rotator Manage”, “Sky PA” and “Maintain the Same Image Orientation After the Meridian”. Voyager needs to know the PA after the flip by plate-solving an image after the flip, but it appears it is trying to do this while the rotator is still rotating. Consequently, the operation fails. The rotator is an Optec Gemini rotator/focuser.

If anyone can help me solve this challenge I’d be grateful.


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Voyager wait the end of all movements as for ASCOM method/property … so I think the best solution for you is to report to the driver developer of your rotator the issue, probably they will need an ASCOM log of their driver.

The rotator is an Optec Gemini rotator/focuser.

Your rotator is really common so probably solution is easy to find.

All the best