Meridian No Go Zone

I have had some failed meridian flips lately and I suspect it is because I have too short a no go zone - 5 minutes before the meridian and 5 minutes after. What is the recommended time for a no go zone?

It does depend on your setup to a degree. I try to go at least 15 minutes past the meridian or depending on your equipment you might see failures when the precise pointing runs post flip. One of my mounts will reject a sync which is on the opposite side of the meridian to where the driver says it is pointing so the flip needs to be delayed enough to ensure that the first solve after the flip will be west of the meridian regardless of any mechanical errors in the mount or orthogonality between mount and telescope etc.

Thanks - that is very helpful. My mount is a 10 Micron GM 1000. I will experiment with different no go times.