Mesu e200 ( mark 2)


Anyone who has been running a Mesu mark 2 mount successfully please get in touch.

If you mount is ASCOM driver will be no problem to use in Voyager.
Allow mount to passing meridian without stop for the time you have choosed in Voyager to do the flip adding the max lenght exposure you will do (or in sequence flag to abort exposure at meridian flip after x minutes). Allow moun to do flip after the time choosed is passed. Nothing else.

On how to setup the setting in your mount driver if you found this difficult, with what is written above ask directly to the Mesu support if you not will receive info from other users.

All the best

Thanks Leonardo

My question isn’t meridian related. So was hopeful someone else used the mount and software.

Mainly the mount.

Ok, thank for answer.

All the best