Missing files in <user>\Documents\Voyager\FIT folder after failed plate solve

I just returned from remote imaging location and used Voyager for the first time in the field. One of the problems I’ve encountered happened due to failure to plate solve the second target (log file shows meridian flip, settling time and slewing to target followed by second settling time). The DragScript was attempting to run second sequence with “point to target on start” was defined, which failed and I’ve lost about 90 minutes of imaging time. After reviewing Voyager logfile I found the filename which contained the image that it was trying to plate solve (SyncVoyager_20210807_020126.fit), but unfortunately, the entire folder containing these temporary files is empty. I’d be happy to check what exactly went wrong with plate solving but it’s impossible - this file is deleted and is not found in recycle bin and cannot be recovered (tried winfr tool without success).

I’m using ASTAP with H17 database, it worked fast and perfect with the first target, but failed after slewing to a different target. The mount settle time (I have A-P Mach1) is 10 seconds, it’s the same setting which worked fine in SGP. I have no clue what caused the failure and deleted SyncVoyager_xxx.fit file makes it more difficult to understand the issue.

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This is a normal things , when you start Voyager all the files in the temp directory like the FIT directory will be delete. This is the reason why you dont find any file, you have restarted Voyager.

I think next time I’ll add copying the contents of FIT folder somewhere during end of DragScript. Maybe it could be helpful for others to have the plate solving images (especially those which failed) to keep longer than just single Voyager session.

On a side note, while speaking about new feature suggestions here are some thoughts:

  • Keep plate solve image files for period of 30 days or letting the user to decide how long to keep them.
  • Ability to switch to a different plate solver without shutting down all equipment.
  • When doing several tries (3 by default) to plate solve the image also redo exposure instead of running plate solver on the same image (as part of sequence setting Point Target On Start)


Thanks for your suggestions but it makes no sense to keep the plate solving files. If you have plate solving problems you should fix them before you get to full automation so you don’t waste any time. Remember to activate also the Blind Solving control failover.