ModelCreator manage now Voyager ...10 Micron Users

For 10Micron users , have released new version of ModelCreator with support for Voyager:

Let me know if all work fine for you.

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Hi LO,

Just start using ModelCreator and I have a question about filter selection; looks like there is no place in either MC or Voyager to specify the “default” filter? When I start building model with MC it just uses my first filter (which is Red) to do the exposure. How can I specify to use Lum here?


ModelCreator use Voyager like client depends on ModelCreator to choose the filter.
But i think no one use the Voyager integration and just go directly alone with ModelCreator.

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Anyone knows how to choose the filter in ModelCreator?

It uses whatever is selected in your imaging program - ModelCreator has no concept of filters that I’m aware of. So when you ‘Connect to camera’ that will open your imaging program (SkyX or whatever). Once opened then select the filter. You can use any program to select the filter it’s just that it’s usually done in the same program used to connect to the imaging camera.

I use TheSkyX for this (at the moment) so I would:

  1. ‘Connect to camera’ in ModelCreator - this opens SkyX.
  2. In SkyX select the filter to use (nominally Luminance will give you nice short subs.
  3. etc…

I always use bin2 for this and set my pixel scale appropriately. Subs are generally 1s with this setup. You can get plate scale from a blind allsky search (if using SkyX) it’s nice and fast.


Right that’s also how I figured, but I want to use Voyager to control the camera (I am having some issues where TheSkyX will hang during an exposure) and I can’t find a way in Voyager to change filter. It always go by default to #1 in my filterwheel which is not what I want to use. So when ModelCreator calls it, it goes to #1 filter…

I believe you should be able to set it in the Commands->Camera widget.


… For some reason I think I checked but didn’t find it so I thought it’s not available, but just checked now and it’s right there “Filter set”. Excellent! Thanks.

I can set the filter in the camera widget to “Lum” in Voyager then start ModelCreator, but as soon as I started the modelling, MC exposes with “Red” (#1 in FW) again… Looks like this is a question towards MC author then…

Martin from Model Creator contact me, i answered to him with the solution.
Probably a new release of MC with adjustment will be released, depends on Martin.

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Sounds like the FW is being reset by something to default condition (slot 1). Use SkyX to connect to just to the FW (not sure whether Voyager allows that) then you can reset the filter when you wish.


MC send always requesto to shot with the first filter in the FW (index 0) so this is the problem.

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Could you not use the ‘Goodnight’ Dragscript and deselect all check boxes except the one that changes the filter? That way you could then set the filter to the one of your choice without completing any of the other Goodnight actions.