Monitor log autosave?

I have been unsuccessful with meridian flip. The focus star keeps getting lost near zenith. So it will park it. In the morning I want to do SkyDawn Flats. But it will start new monitor log. I wanted to review the error from failed meridian flip but I cannot find it. Does Voyager save it?

What mount are you using? I am currently using an Orion Atlas (Skywatcher AZEQ6 in black paint) and flips took a bit of fettling. It was work to get the mount to behave itself, not any issue in Voyager. I ask what mount as you mention it parking the mount which is one of the available settings in EQMOD if it hits a mount limit. I have mine set to stop tracking rather than park the mount.

If you are using an EQ6 or similar mount (EQ5/6/AZEQ6 and relatives) you need to first be sure your gear can do it safely without a crash no matter where it is pointed in declination, and then set the mount limits in EQMOD or whatever mount driver software you are using, to allow it to track well past the meridian, an hour is good if you can do it without risk of a crash. You might want to set the other meridian limit so the mount can point maybe 20 minutes east of the meridian when it is scope west, pointing east, just in case.

After that, set Voyager to flip at around 20 minutes past the meridian on the mount tab of the your setup (The “do flip after mount crossing the meridian by” setting) Then in your sequence on the meridian flip tab, select the “Force meridian flip with exposure abort” setting and configure the wait time to be longer than your set time in the setup tab, but not long enough to risk a crash. That will let it finish a running exposure if it can safely do so. you want it to do that so you don’t waste imaging time in the best bit of the sky.

In the case of EQMOD, my problem was that I was not waiting long enough after the meridian before flipping and the cone error in the setup (All setups will have some amount of it) resulted in a flip at ten minutes after the meridian landing with the scope pointing about 30 before the meridian after the flip, EQMOD would then reject the sync because it was on the wrong side of the meridian and the flip would fail. It took a little searching but the hint to what was going on was in the logs, as yours will probably be.

As soon as I sorted that out (In my case, flipping no earlier than 20 minutes past the meridian and aborting any running sub and flipping at 30 minutes past the meridian) flips have been flawless. The only issues I have on flips now are if I am unlucky and passing cloud makes the plate solve fail.

Joe’s problem is the external autofocus he run out of Voyager , take more than 15 minutes.
He asked support and we are in touch.

Thanks for help

Glad to see he is getting help to sort it. It is one of the best things about Voyager, that you are able to give personal attention to users having issues. I would not have thought of an auto focus taking that long without seeing the log file.

I may put up a thread detailing my meridian flip experience with a title that will help people search for it. That way it might save you getting a question for something like the issue I had which is entirely in the users control to fix. If one EQ6 user (Me) has issues someone else will sooner or later and we should not expect you to have to know how to make every one of the hundreds of bits of equipment out there behave itself.

Thank you so much Paul, really appreciated your experience and report.

All the best

Hey Thanks, Blue! I am using a Celestron CGX. Focusing was my issue. I am still working on it.