Moonlite Nitecrawler Problem w/ Robofire

I am just starting to use Voyager and am having trouble with setting up RoboFire with my Moonlite Nitecrawler focuser. I am able to run autofocus through Voyager via TheSkyX @focus3 but cannot successfully setup RoboFire.

When I run the VCurve First Light Wizard it will continue to move the focuser in the “out” position until the star is so out of focus it cannot detect the star and then will error because the star is lost. I have followed all the setup steps but obviously have something incorrect in the settings as it works fine with SPG, N.I.N.A. and TheSkyX (@focus2).

If anybody has suggestions on what to try it would be greatly appreciated.

The software you have mentioned not use the VCurve system to modelling you setup so you cannot compare, are completly different ways to think. If you want support please use the mail dedicated and ask for remote support also if you need.

Thanks Leo. My point in mentioning the other software systems is it works with them so it is obviously a setup issue with Voyager. Voyager is able to communicate with the focuser and move it but not able to complete the first light wizard. I’ll keep working on it and reach out if necessary for assistance.

I offer a dedicated support one to one to user included in Voyager, usually this solve all situation in few minutes especially in remote mode. I dont know your telescope and camera coupling probably what happen to you is due to really high res /oversample or IL or … or … or … too many vairables to give you a good answer.