Moravian C3-61000 Pro ... just arrived!

Just arrived on my table ! Direct driver in development …

Attached some pictures about … this is really a great piece of camera. Well engineered and with robust firmware and software … this is my 4th Moravian and I’m really happy about. Something to think if you need a new camera. Quality level is really high.

Thanks to Pavel Cagas at Moravian CCD Inst and to Tecnosky.


it looks wonderful, curious to see some pics!

Thanks Valerio,

I hope in the next moon … if weather will be collaborative !

All the best

Sweat! Looking forward to see some results.

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Congratulations, Leo. Looks like a nice one.

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Very cool! Glad to hear about more camera options and more native drivers!

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They look like a really nicely engineered camera. And nice to see tilt correction designed in to it.

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I want this camera! I like my ASI6200, but it’s missing a shutter and mechanically seems poorly thought through by comparison to the Moravian. Can’t wait to see some data!

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First Light from Moravian C3-61000 Pro. Nothing to fight with sensor tilt, calibration problems, flat correction reliability … etc etc FIT as is no crop high stretch from 20 x 300s Luminance bin1 gain 1 - FSQ 106EDX - Old Baader filters. Calibrated with 7 sky flat, 18 bias, 18 dark on CCDStack.

This is a wonderful camera if you want something more performant and professional ! Congratulations to Moravian CMOS & CCD cameras !


Looks great Leo!!

I see this is on the FSQ! Very cool. Looks like you have a nice copy of that.

It’s the 3rd … in 15 years to get a good one !
Other brands cameras do not square it :wink:

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Yeah finding good IMX455 camera builds can be difficult. Great to see the Moravian is performing well. Someday I will get one of their cameras.

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Gorgeous image Leo, congrats on the new camera.

Every time I see a monochrome image I think how beautiful they are, then I forget to try to shoot some myself :slight_smile: !

Cheers and Happy New Year’s Eve,

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First deep try with the new camera during advanced testing … Sum of 25x600s Luminance. I would have killed to have such a camera in my day !! This was a subject to be cataloged for the IFN in the Ursa Major, MW catalog 12 years ago. Now with this camera it looks like a normal emission nebula …


Spectactular image Leo, congratulations!

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