Moravian C4-16000 and Voyager

It’ everytime a pleasure see a single image from a CDK1000 from Chile … but this time is special because is the first light of the new Moravian C4-16000. A CMOS with 9um pixel … 180s of pure signal.
Thanks to Mike Selby to allow us to pubblish this image taken with Voyager. System and camera are managed enterely in Voyager with his ASCOM driver (without all complications that other brand introduce with 32bit managment that have no sense!). Download time is blazing fast ! Light gathering is impressive !

NGC 7125, galaxy is 3’ mag 12 !

PS. This image is uncalibrated as coming from sensor


Like it ! Looks like an excellent CMOS - better than my ASI 6200 mm :laughing:

Big pixels rules + Big telescope …

1m optics with big sensor, dream setup!

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The C3-61000 from Moravian has the same Sony IMX455 chip as the ASI6200MM, but that’s where the similarity stop. The build quality is significantly better, plus it has a mechanical shutter. I am very pleased with the one I received.