Moravian cameras and Darks in Voyager

A unique feature of the Moravian cameras is the mechanical shutter that allows taking darks without covering the scope, which is great for remote setups.
How Is this managed in Voyager ?
I mean, can I schedule a session with lights, and include darks in the same sequence?
If so, what happens with the mount? Does it stop guiding or following the target?
Should I use DragScript for that purpose?
Thanks in advance.

Shutter will be closed automatically if you declare a shot like bias or dark shot, this for all the cameras having a shutter.

You can do darks during a normal sequence but is not the right way to do a darks, the mount will continue to work and track. Use the dragscript, there is a dragscript ready to be customized for this also because dark and bias is something you can do few times for year:

If you want at any cost using the sequence, point a place in space near the north (or south) pole or use a profile with a mount simulator configured, this is easy just clone the profile and change the camera. You can also switch from profiles in DragScript.

Just an advice… having a mechanical shutter doesn’t means you will have perfect darks !

All the best

Hi Leo
Thanks for the quick turnaround and detailed explanations.
DragScript is definitely the best option for this, understood. I tend to use Voyager for all imaging purposes, and want to get rid of other apps, for simplicity.
I do agree with you that darks taken using the shutter only is not be the best approach - but if I can do it in the best conditions with voyager, that’s already a good step forward.
Thanks again