Mosaic Feature Requests!

I’m about 2 days into mosaics but see a couple features added that are in the regular sequences.

Add ability to set constraints like Hour Angle to stop a sequence. Add ability in Dragscript Wait Until Altitude to pull coordinate info from a mosaic center or individual pane from Sequence or Roboclip.

Thanks for your consideration



what you aske about dragscript is already available, you can get data from sequence but not from mosaic choosing a specified panel.

For constraints …Think about Mosaic is a special sequence that use the altitude to decide which panel to do or not and wait the panel waiting for altitude and exit when no one of panel will raise and are in set and under an altitude … For this reason CANNOT be thinked like a normal sequence. So you will not find other constraints.

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I want to second this request. Is it possible to set exit criteria for individual panels based on altitude / Hour angle? This shouldn’t be different than a normal single-target sequence: Allow users to set exit criteria (say exit below 30deg altitude), then check for each ongoing panel; if it meets the criteria and exit, move on to the next and also check…


Criterias for panels in a mosaic sequence are check before starting (each panels) and for now is based on altitude.
Criterias are for all panels and cannot be for individual.

What is possible is to check the same criterias inside each panels to decide if exit. For example if you have a general minimum altitude of 30° and the panel running was started at 33° … if panel go under 30° Voyager will exit from actual and continue with the next panel. This is possible to implement.

This would at least help! Yes please! :slight_smile:

Dear Yizhou,

mosaic is not a scheduler but just a sequence with a list of targets. So settings are shared equal for all, change only the RA and DEC of a list of items. This is the reason why I cannot do what you exactly ask.
I suggest you to use short numbers of shot and iterate trough the panels. This is how is made to work at his best.

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Thanks Leonardo. Then it should be possible to set the same criteria for ALL panels? For example as you mention, say I want all panels to exit below 30deg altitude, or after 4hr Hour Angle?

Yes its possible, this is what I suggest to do 2 messages ago. I will add also the Hour Angle.

But now I’ve just finished the Advanced version and I’m managing the things coming from the first beta testing nights in our observatories. My resources are focused on this.

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OK you got me interested… Forget the Mosaic, tell us more about the Advanced! lol.

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When I will have a stable versions I will create a topic about for all.

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