Mosaic Pointing Issue

The last couple of nights I have been using a mosaic in Voyager to image the Veil Nebula.
It takes a number of attempts doing Precision Pointing to get setup for the first panel (there
are 4 panels in 2 x 2 arrangement). When it finishes the first panel and starts the Precise
Positioning the mount is still moving while it is taking a mount sync image. I noticed this on
Web control, all the images were streaking. I looked through the Mosaic panel and all the
setting and put in 5 second waits in a number of locations. I am not sure if this helped or not.

Have I gotten a setting wrong or forgotten something? When it finally does get a fix it seems
to be right on the spot.

I am going to try again tonight and see how it goes.

Bob Parry
Chilliwack Observatory

What mount are you using? The only place I can think of that would affect this would be the settling time setting in the mount setup tab. I know there are or used to be some focuser ASCOM drivers that could report the move as finished while the forcus motor was still actually moving, I don’t know if any mount drivers do the same.

I have both my AZEQ6 and iOptron CEM70G set to 5 second settle time and I never see any significant movement in the plate solve images.

No Bob, Voyager do actions only if mount driver declared no slew running, so problem probably is on your mount driver that report to have finished slewing but is not true. Also check if you have connected mount in more than one place and other applications are moving the mount (like PHD2) , after that what you can do is to check the driver and settings of your mount and alert the mount /driver developer support.

Voyager side you can enlarge the settling time like reported from Paul Settling Time, but this is not a real solution: