Multiple successful autofocus prior to meridian flip

I finally have my 10micron mount working perfectly with the PD-10 dome including Meridian flips using ASCOM devicehub for the mount and the dome versus straight ASCOM. I could never get the dome to sync properly with the mount using just Ascom. My optec focuser I still have running straight through Ascom versus Ascom devicehub as I never had any problems with the optec focuser using straight Ascom. Last night while watching an on the fly sequence run to make sure everything was working properly I noticed that the local field Robofire focusing routine was performed 3 full times immediately prior to the meridian flip. It was then performed again immediately after the meridian flip. Each of the 3 times it was performed immediately prior to the flip it was successful. In the sequence I have it set to perform the auto focus every 15 exposures and immediately after a meridian flip. Why would it perform 3 total successful auto focus routines one after the other immediately prior to the meridian flip? To my knowledge I don’t have any boxes checked for it to do that. Needless to say the Autofocus routine happening three times in succession caused a loss of approximately 10 minutes of imaging time. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I cannot figure out what boxes I have checked wrong. My only thought is perhaps by not running the focuser also through devicehub could be causing the problem?
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Please ask support and send the log files to the official support email and not by forum. One of the watchdog for focus you have enabled triggering the retries. Use RoboSync and Ascom for dome instead of the device hub.

Thanks Leo. I will check the watchdogs to see if that’s the problem and also send you the log files through support.
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I have a couple of questions about the Max half flux value allowed watchdog.

The unit for this parameter say pixels, when the focus completes the status window give the HFD result in the status window, but does not specify the units of the HFD, is this value in pixels or arc seconds? Didn’t see units specified in Wiki.

The second question is if the watchdog fails to achieve the desired max HFD value, does the sequence fail and end, or does the focus position go back to the previous value before focus run or does it use the last focus run position? (the third retry focus position)

The unit for HFD is always a pixels value.
In case of failure Voyager will restore the previous position before focus attempts. If the failure was the focuser for sure this is not possible.

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