Multiple Velleman I/O Boards

Hello All,

A quick question but can you have more than one Velleman P8055 I/O board and subsequent V129 relay card attached to Viking at the same time?.



Hello Martin,
Viking can manage only one card at time.

IPX system manage internally multiple cards so Viking see just one card to connect.
I dont know now how work Velleman P8055 and V129. Probably we need to activate another Viking for the second card.

May you help me on understand this (if velleman have internal protocol to communicate with the others or are all stand alone)?

All the best

Thank you for the usual fast response Leo,

The reason I asked the question is that I have no spare relays left on the controller card that I currently have attached via Viking.

I see that there are jumpers on the I/O PCB that I believe you can set to have multiple PCB’s connected. I seem to remember reading this in Velleman’s literature.

Best Regards and a Happy New Year to all users.