Multitargets - Camera rotation and flats

Good morning dear astro-friends,

I am about to start “multi-targets” with Voyager but I have a question pertaining to taking flats.

We know that flats need to be taken with the camera in the same direction.

How AND when would you, for example, take your flats if you have set a dedicated frame for one of your targets which change the orientation of your camera during the night session ?

Example: start of your session via Dragscript

  • Target 1 with no camera rotation
  • Target 2 with camera rotation

Am I making things more complicated than they look like ? :grinning:

Thank you for your kind suggestions.

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We already talk about this more times. Usually is not needed to redo flat if you rotate the camera.
Just for some type of telescope this can be an option.

Just use the dragscript and rotate the rotator at mechanical position of target acquired if you really need this and use the block for autoflat. You, for sure, cannot do this in one night with skyflat, but you can do in more night. If you have a flat device in all case you need to do in night time to avoid gradients.

Mechanical rotation is reported on the FIT headers if you using a rotator managed in Voyager otherwise do this by hand.

All the best

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Thank you, Leo, for your support.

I tried to see whether this question was raised before but I did not find the answer, hence ma question. But thank you !

Seems not complicated at all, I will just update my dragscript and it should be all fine since I have both a flat device as well a camera rotator.

Happy Sunday and all the best.